Introduction To SaaS Hosting

Virtualization technology has lately been used to solve the dilemma of clients who due to their budgetary and technological challenges are unable to use dedicated hosting but at the same time have outgrown shared Virtual dedicated server can rightly be said to be a perfect compromise between the shared hosting and a dedicated hosting. It comes with abundant resources, security and control of a dedicated hosting and the pricing is in the neighborhood of a shared hosting.

Introduction To SaaS Hosting

Virtual dedicated server is developed by subdividing a server in to several autonomous mini servers. Each of the subdivided server assumes a dedicated server mode of operation, own storage disk, bandwidth and data transfer. They have individual operating system complete with mail server and ability for personalized software installation. The inherent security lapses associated with shared hosting is absent in VDS. Any action from one of the virtual dedicated server can not affect other users in the neighborhood. All this comes with an amazingly low price akin to that of its inferior shared hosting plan.

The major challenge of shared hosting plans is the fact that many websites are held in the same server thereby sharing the same resources. A fellow customer who by virtue of this arrangement has access to vital files of all the other sites can maliciously temper with them resulting in a dire security breach. An accidental error from one of the user can also disable the entire server and since the resources are communally used the rest of users are affected. Virtual dedicated server on the other hand provides autonomy, shielding individual servers from either malicious or unintentional deeds of other users.

Performance in a shared hosting arrangement is compromised by over strained server. The resources which are jointly used are often overstretched if for instance one of the users is experiencing heavy traffic. Frequent downtime is also a common feature with shared hosting. A strained server will definitely require frequent maintenance which temporarily causes downtime. Virtual dedicated server however enhances performance since the individual servers’ serves only the user allocated avoiding sluggishness due to the overloading of the system.

Virtual dedicated server has the advantage of being both efficient and cost effective. It eliminates security lapses, sluggishness and all other weaknesses associated with shared hosting. On the same breath it simplifies the technical challenges presented by the dedicate hosting while offering similar quality features and resources. Virtual dedicated server possesses the best traits and features of both the shared hosting and dedicated hosting at an affordable rate.



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